Tornike Chelidze

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Tornike Chelidze
He is a poet and short story writer. His poems are publishing in different literature publishing houses and anthologies. Tornike is the finalist and a laureate of various literature contests.
In 2013 publishing house “Intelekti” released his first poetry collection amed “Concentric Circles”, which was nominated for the literary award “Saba” and for “Tsinandali” award 2017.

“Everything what I write is about human’s constant internal voice, including certain circumstances. It takes the roots from the Post Soviet period. My poems tell you the story about defeated dreamers and ghettoes, which are accompanied by unchangeable sky decorations”, – Tornike says.
Tornike’s story was also among finalists of the literary award of ‘mastsavlebeli Magazine”. He is one of the distinguished voices amonf modern Georgian writers.