Anina Tepnadze

Foto © Tornike Ziziashvili

Anina Tepnadze (born July 18, 1991, Tbilisi) is a Georgian writer, blogger and journalist. She started writing at the age of 17 and has published several short stories, esseys and articles since. She is the winner of Tsinandali prize and nominee for the main literary prize in Georgia – Saba. She has published her book „My boyfriend’s girlfriend“ in 2012. Her short stories had been chosen for annual collection „15 best Georgian short stories“ 6 times. Her works have been translated into German, Russian, English, Spanish and Lithuanian.

„My fiction mainly focuses on young people in Georgia and their ways to find freedom in this country. I strongly believe that you can’t talk about people without talking about context. What I see nowadays is that our social-political history shaped the lives of Georgian people, changed the fate of families and in some sense, left the trauma that we feel but not truly understand. Writing is my way to cope with everyday life and I’m fascinated that it’s interesting for other people as well“

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