Nika Lashxia

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Nika Lashxia
Born in 1989. He revealed interest towards literature in his early childhood and started writing poems as a schoolboy. Different Journals and newspapers used to print his poems at different times. He took part in Tbilisi International Festival, which was followed by translation of his poems in Azerbaijani Language by Oqtai Kazumov.

He’s leading a weekly program on literature „Tezisi“ of which he is the author at the same time. He works for the radio with the literary program „Space of Art“. Nika Lashxia occurs to be a member of editors for literary Journal „Ebguri“. Also, he is one of the organizers of the literary festival „F5“.
His first poetry collection will be published soon, under Zviad Ratiani edition.

He writes to express his emotions, because he worries about social condition of his country. With his writings he tries to speak about existing problems without an artificial array.

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