Fragebogen Nika Lashxia

Unsere 10 Fragen an den georgischen Lyriker Nika Lashxia.

1. Which impact has Tbilisi on your own work?

As Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, it appears to be the cultural center of my country and appropriately I try not to be left beyond the centre.

2. What do you like about Tbilisi? What is annoying you?

I have lots of friends in Tbilisi and I am always happy to visit, but I strongly disapprove the new architecture, that changed and changes the old Tbilisi vision.

3. How is your experience with the Literature Szene in Tbilisi?

I am actively involved in Tbilisi literature life.

4. On which project are you working right now?

I am working on my first book of Poems. Another project is my TV project on art and literature, and a project on radio with the above mentioned theme.

5. How do you bring yourself in a mood for your writing? Which capabilities, which writing-environment and atmosphere do you need?

First of all, I need total peace and cosy environment to write. Very often, music encourages me to write as well. Usually, I write in the middle of the night.

6. How do you develop a literature text?

Quite often, I go back to the poems for editting. First I write, than, perhaps, the process can last for two-three days, before I get the final version, it depends on the length of the poem and on the mood that I have during the writing process.

7. How much time do you spend with your writing per week? Are you satisfied with that time?

I do not have a fixed time or a certain week when to write. Sometimes, the week can pass by with no writings, sometimes it happens, that I write every day.

8. On which current social topics are you interested right now? And do they have impact on your writing?

Economic crisis, violation of labour rights and etc. I often write about workers, who strike to get their own work remuneration. Unfortunately, they sometimes sacrifice their lives to get daily bread.

9. How did you become a writer?

I started writing in my early childhood. I used to read day and night, that helped me to grow as a reader and to improve my writing skills.

10. How do you use the internet and social media platforms for your writing and as a place for presentation?

One of the most important key to present myself to the reader, is social media. It helps me to share my activities, projects , writings to the very huge amount of people, who always react on the posts.