Nini Eliashvili

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Nini Eliashvili was born 1995. She was 15 years old when she started to write poems. Her poems are published in different Georgian Literary magazines, such as “Akhali Saunje”, “Arili”, “Literary Newspaper”.

In 2017 she was shortlisted in Literary award “Tsinandali”.

Zviad Ratiani says: “It’s just some couple of years since the poems of Nini Eliashvili started appearing in Georgian literary press and it’s to be said that they immediately attracted attention of both readers and literary men. Besides the obvious talent of young author, there was another and, perhaps, most impressive reason of her fast success: in comparison with her relatively short experience of writing, she is surprisingly skillful in the technique of classical verse, which is such a rare case among the new generations of Georgian poets. It is about the form, the structure of the poems, but as for the content – it is extremely emotional, barely controlled mix of feelings, always almost at the edge of the scream. That’s what creates the main effect of her style: chaos of the senses hold by well-ordered body of the verse”.

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