Fragebogen Nini Eliashvili

Heute stellt sich Nini Eliashvili unseren 10 Fragen.

1. Which impact has Tbilisi on your own work?

I love Tbilisi, but location has never been important for me.

2. What do you like about Tbilisi? What is annoying you?

The most things I love in Tbilisi are the old streets and the old architecture because it breaths like wise man, who never gets old. It breaks the old city’s coziness.

3. How is your experience with the Literature Szene in Tbilisi?

I had just one personal poetry night, but I was actualy a member of the poetry club in university.

4. On which project are you working right now?

For this time I am working for my first book.

5. How do you bring yourself in a mood for your writing? Which capabilities, which writing-environment and atmosphere do you need?

Usually a cup of coffee and cosiness is enough for me, when I have something to write. It breaks the old city’s coziness. but sometimes, when I have a strong desire to express, nothing breaks my mood.

6. How do you develop a literature text?

First of all, I felt in love with poetry, so I am reading all tastes texts. Keep trying to not resemble none of them and be natural.

7. How much time do you spend with your writing per week? Are you satisfied with that time?

It is impossible for me to determine time. There were weeks I did not write anything and there were also times I was writing every day of the week. Sometimes I am satisfied and sometimes I am disappointed.

8. On which current social topics are you interested right now? And do there have impact on your writing?

For this time I am closed in my self and nothing around me impacts my texts.

9. How did you become a writer?

I was 15 when I started writing and I started under the influence of modern authors, because I liked them.

10. How do you use the internet and social media platforms for your writing and as a place for presentation?

The most, I am using Facebook, because my friend list is full of poets. But usually I publish in the electric journal my newest poems.