Fragebogen Ketevan Meparidze

10 Fragen an Ketevan Meparidze.

© Kettie Kawalsky

1. Which impact has Tbilisi on your own work?

I was born here. Everything I remember is somehow connected with that city. So, a huge part of me feels the necessity of writing about the people living around me.

2. What do you like about Tbilisi? What is annoying you?

I have my favorite places which I love the most: some cozy cafes and restaurants . There I feel like at home. What is annoying me are people who love to spread gossip about others.

3. How is your experience with the Literature Scene in Tbilisi?

I always knew I would write stories despite of everything. In spite of other’s thoughts about my work, because this is what makes me feel alive. The first literary contest whichI attended, was ‚Alubloba‘. My story was nominated ‚the best rhythmic prose‘. Then I was just writing for myself, or I thought so at least. Until one day when I decided to attend another contest, named ‚The Legend of Fall‘ where I won first place. One of the most memorable experiences was another contest called ‚Insomnia‘, which is looking for youngsters writing in horror genre.

4. On which project are you working right now?

At the moment I’m writing about a young crazy author who has a writer’s block and looks for solution.

5. How do you bring yourself in a mood for your writing? Which capabilities, which writing-environment and atmosphere do you need?

Usually I go to a café with my laptop, order red wine and start listening to a song from my favorite movie. After a while new ideas come to my mind.

6. How do you develop a literature text?

I always know how a story is going to start as well as the end of it. What is in the middle I never know.

7. How much time do you spend with your writing per week? Are you satisfied with that time?

Because of my daily work I have some issues switching from my job to my protagonist. So, 1-2 pages are the maximum per week. To be honest, I’m not satisfied with that time, but i can’t help myself to change it.

8. On which current social topics are you interested right now? And do there have impact on your writing?

Gender issues are the matter which inspired me to write one of my favorite novels PAN.

9. How did you become a writer?

There is no unusual story about how I became a writer. I was obsessed with several book characters when I was a child. After a while, I felt like I wanted to share my own stories with others too. This is how it all started.

10. How do you use the internet and social media platforms for your writing and as a place for presentation?

I have a Facebook page for my book, but I rarely post any updates. Usually, I use my own personal FB page to share some news regarding my book presentation, or an interview, etc. I think I will start with a Facebook event. It would be great to know other writers‘ writing routine and how they manage to switch from their jobs to writing. Also, I would love to discuss some practical tips of attracting more and more readers.