Fragebogen Tako Poladashvili

Tako Poladashvili beantwortet heute unsere 10 Fragen.

1. Which impact has Tbilisi on your own work?

Cities mean a lot to me. They give me inspiration and structure for my novels. Tbilisi is a capsule for me, I love and hate it at the same time. For my book, the cities Augsburg (near Munich) and Batumi (city in Georgia) inspired me a lot. Nevertheless, I cannot write neither in Batumi or in Augsburg, only in Tbilisi.

2. What do you like about Tbilisi? What is annoying you?

Tbilisi has an unique feature: Every building has something to tell. Suburbs attract me more than the center. I love the architecture of old buildings. New constructions and less green space annoy me a lot.

3. How is your experience with the Literature Scene in Tbilisi?

A long time ago we had a webpage called ““, one of the first literature-scene things in Georgia. More or less, I know writers and publishers, some of them are my best friends.

4. On which project are you working right now?

Right now I am working on different projects: Distopia, dark fantasy and non-fiction novel.

5. How do you bring yourself in a mood for your writing? Which capabilities, which writing-environment and atmosphere do you need?

I try to find a calm place or the right time. I enjoy writing early in the morning or late at night. I try to listen to music or other people’s conversations. Chatting with interesting people, doing sports or watching movies – that’s what brings me in a mood for writing.

6. How do you develop a literature text?

Developing texts can take time: days and even years. I make notes and then, one day I sit down and write totally different texts out of them. I try not to edit texts after they are written and the document is saved.

7. How much time do you spend with your writing per week? Are you satisfied with that time?

I have two kinds of periods: on the first period I work everyday on my ideas, like it’s my job and I have a deadline, on the other period, I write whenever I got time and when I’m in a good mood. Satisfied with the time?- never!

8. On which current social topics are you interested right now? And do there have impact on your writing?

I’m interested in every social issue (gender equality, bullying, sexual harrasment, classification, labor, law, etc.) that impacts our lives and of course, my writing.

9. How did you become a writer?

I started writing when I was 15/16. I started with poetry and switched to prose from time to time more and more, caracters and stories started to live in me. So I started publishing my poetry and prose on literature webpages, took part in different competitions and wrote a book. I studied movie script writing in the class of Kote Jandieri. For almost 2 years my homework was reading and writing and that helped me a lot to develop writing skills and to make a story out of nothing.

10. How do you use the internet and social media platforms for your writing and as a place for presentation?

Social media is a main platform nowadays for sharing information. For my bad, I don’t use it for presentations or to show off. I prefer others to talk about my writing, not about me.